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Causes are finally into Windows Phone 7

Highly anticipated causes into the Windows Phone 7 app are now available in the last update. You’re now able to collect some carbon dioxide by walking and then contribute to charity causes without leaving the app.

Walk2Help for Windows Phone 7 Causes Screen   Walk2Help for Windows Phone 7 Cause Screen

Walk2Help for Windows Phone 7 Cause Statistics Screen   Walk2Help for Windows Phone 7 Cause Donate Screen

A new update is available for Windows Phone 7

An update for the Walk2Help application is available to all of you who own Windows Phone 7 device. The update is suitable for Windows phones with Mango update installed and also for those who still haven’t updated their smartphones. This update (1.1) includes some bug fixes and some improvements.

One of the best features added in this update is that your tour stays alive even if you leave the app to make a phone call or to text your mom that you’re going to be late home. It was also annoying that your tour is lost when you get into a coffee shop on the way to your workplace for instance. The reason for this is your tour is being stopped when the GPS signal is lost. This will never happen again after this update.

There are also a lot of visualisation improvements, so the Walk2Help app looks better on your phone screen.

Walk2Help on Windows Phone 7 Meter Page   Walk2Help on Windows Phone 7 History Page