Top 10 Walkers for May 2014

Top 10 Walkers for May2014

Top 10 Walkers for June 2013


Top 10 Walkers for May 2013


Top 10 Walkers for April 2013


Top 10 Walkers for March 2013

Top 10 Walkers for February 2013

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Top walkers for December 2012

Happy new year! And here are the top 10 walkers for the last month of 2012.


New Feature: Monthly Rank

We are really happy to announce the newest feature in Walk2Help — the Monthly Rank! The idea is to show you exactly how much walking you have to do in order to climb up a place.

To keep you well motivated, we are also showing just how far (or close) behind you is the next person. Tention near the top gets really high, so keep in mind – reaching #1 is not easy and keeping it till the end of the month is a real challange 🙂

This feature is available at Google Play, Windows Phone Marketplace and we’re expecting it to be published on AppStore.