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Благотворително коледно парти на Walk2Help

Каним всички вас на благотворително коледно парти на Walk2Help. Входът ще бъде 10 лева и със 100% от събраните средства, ние лично ще закупим и доставим топли дрехи, обувки и играчки на Дом за деца лишени от родителска грижа “Българка” в град Стара Загора.

Елате да ви почерпим по чаша вино, да се позабавляваме заедно и да направим коледата на едни деца по-топла и по-весела.

Вход: 10 лева
Къде: Зала 1, бул.Дондуков 11, София
Кога: 15.12.2012 от 19:30 часа

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More than 50 technical books were donated to “John Atanasoff” high school

We walked 2 500 km for 50 technical books a few months ago and we finally donated the books to Sofia Vocational High School of Electronics “John Atanasoff”.

Most of the books are new and very useful for learning how to develop software applications.

We would like to thank you Sofia .NET User Group and Telerik for supporting the Bulgarian education.

Walk2Help Won Competition for Windows 8 Apps

WOWZAPP is a worldwide hackathon for Windows 8 apps and we took part of the event in Sofia, Bulgaria last weekend. The competition was very hard and all the participants were very motivated. The panel of judges was consist of experts in field of software development and investments. We’re very proud that we took the first place!

Here is the app that we built just for a weekend. We’re going to polish it a bit and publish it to the Windows 8 Store.

Free internet for 5 schools from Vivacom

We just completed 5 causes with total goal of 7 500 km for free internet kindly provided by our sponsor Vivacom. The schools are located in 5 different cities – Samokov, Kostinbrod, Koprivshtica, Kostenec and Sofia.

The cause for the school in Koprivshtica was completed in just a day and the last one was finished for 17 days.

A big thank you to all that participated and to our sponsor Vivacom.


New Feature: Monthly Rank

We are really happy to announce the newest feature in Walk2Help — the Monthly Rank! The idea is to show you exactly how much walking you have to do in order to climb up a place.

To keep you well motivated, we are also showing just how far (or close) behind you is the next person. Tention near the top gets really high, so keep in mind – reaching #1 is not easy and keeping it till the end of the month is a real challange 🙂

This feature is available at Google Play, Windows Phone Marketplace and we’re expecting it to be published on AppStore.